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Just like you are reading this web page right now, so are dozens of others. The result is there are only so many dealers who can get into one area. The rest simply cannot sell wireless. So what to do? Simply fill in the blanks above and follow the instructions on the next page to begin the process.

What good is a store, online or offline, if no one knows you exist? Not to worry. We take our dealers through an extensive directory listing process to make sure that when someone in your area is looking for a wireless service you offer, you will be the first one they find.

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More and more people rely on their smartphones more than ever before, and companies like AT&T and T-Mobile are leading the way with cutting edge services at price points people can afford. And with the latest phones like iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4, wireless dealers are making more money now than ever before.

On top of that, people are clumsy. They drop their phones all of the time. Most prepaid carriers DO NOT offer a warranty of any kind, and because of this, device repairs is a MUST have for any store

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